Chongqing in Southwest China

Chongqing is China's most populous megacity as well as China's inland financial center, regional economic center and international aviation hub. It acted as China's wartime capital during World War II, and it is now the youngest municipality directly under the central government of China. Chongqing is of great significance for the economic growth in western China. This vibrant city symbolizes China's promising future. Total GDP of Chongqing in 2019 ranked the fourth while disposable income per capital ranked 19th in whole China.


Our potential partner, CloudLAB is an innovative STEAM cross-discipline educational institution established by a group of artists. Teachers and the decision-making body of CloudLAB are composed of interdisciplinary experts such as joint curators, architects, designers and researchers. By applying PBL CloudLAB provides international and innovative education curriculum for children/teenagers aged 3-15 to advance their multi-dimensional development. Each week more than 200 children attend CloudLAB regular PLB courses. CloudLAB has also rich experience in organizing children's art exhibitions and international architecture art workshops for children.


Our potential partner, Chongqing Chengxing Daycare (Yue Peak Yuefu branch) is a high-end day care in Chongqing which provides daycare for more than 190 children. In addition to its safe and appealing environment and advanced facilities, Chengxing applies the Award Curriculum System, HighScope, recommended by the American National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The curriculum emphasizes children's active participation and learning through their interaction with other people and the environment surrounding them and thus helps children understand the world and accumulate knowledge. Chengxing Daycare Group has other four daycares and four early childhood schools. Montessori and Reggio pedagogies are practiced in above-mentioned daycares and schools as well.

Hangzhou in East China  

Hangzhou, a spectacular city, combines the old and the new elements in harmony. Marco Polo, an Italian traveler from the 13th century depicts in his travel notes that 'Hangzhou is the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world'. Today Hangzhou is home to Chinese tech giant Alibaba's global headquarters and numerous innovative start-ups. Hangzhou ranks among the top Chinese cities in terms of its strength in information industry. In 2019 Hangzhou's total GDP ranked 9th and disposable income per capital ranked 4th in China.

Our potential partner, Zhejiang CoolguyMaker Education Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading company in the field of AI education. Its product lines cover teaching equipment, curriculum and R&D of platforms as well as teaching and training. After 5 years of continuous and laborious R&D CoolguyMaker owns now a comprehensive AI education curriculum and a teaching system for children and teenagers aged 3-15. CoolguyMaker is headquartered in Hangzhou. It has established AI labs in cooperation with famous schools of Hangzhou (Hangzhou No.2 Middle School Baima Lake Campus and Jiangnan Experimental School). Hundreds of its accredited institutions are distributed in many cities across China.


Our potential partner Feixue (Hangzhou) Education and Technology Co., Ltd is specialized in providing services of operation management of preschool education, consulting, R&D and training. It runs three day cares currently and provides management consulting and teacher training services for another three day cares. Each of those daycares accommodates about 350 children and has 45 teachers and staff members in average.  Feixue plans to open a new high-end daycare in 2021 and to introduce innovative courses from abroad as its core competitiveness.

Shenzhen in Southeast China

As China's first special economic zone, Shenzhen is a young city. It now belongs to one of the four first-tier cities of China, right after Beijing and Shanghai. It is the base of high-tech R&D and manufacturing. It is known as the City of Design and City of Makers. Shenzhen’s total GDP in 2019 ranked the third and disposable income per capita ranked eighth in China.


Our potential partner, Shenzhen Original  Future Education Co., Ltd.  runs three own day cares and manages two other day cares. Forest-nature education, Montessori pedagogy and inquiry-based learning are adopted in children’s daily activities in those day cares while local characteristics are taken into account as well. Original Future works closely with local education authorities and integrates expertise of preschool education to provide services such as management consulting, teacher training and environment design for over 200 day cares all over China. Since its establishment nine years ago, Original Future has introduced a number of new pedagogies and educational methods from abroad such as Orff’s music teaching method, Montessori method of education and forest nature education, and therefore has built up its brand reputation in preschool education throughout the country. Original Future has established good cooperative relations with Hongkong International ORFF Didactics Research Association, American Montessori Society, Nordic Forest-Nature Education Association and other international education organizations. 

Beijing in North China

As the capital city of China, Beijing is China’s centers for politics, business and economics, culture, education, and science and technology. Beijing has the most universities in China and houses the largest number of Fortune Global 500 companies in the world. Beijing’s total GDP and disposable income per capita both ranked second in China in 2019.


Our potential partner, STUDY (Beijing) Education Technology Co., Ltd, is a company specialized in introduction and development of advanced courses, education informatization, and providing overall solutions for education enhancement. The core team members have more than 10 years of professional background and experience in the education field. The company has kept a long-term and smooth communication channel with education authorities. Since its establishment 3 years ago, it has established business partnerships with more than 40 schools. STUDY has gained numerous positive feedbacks from partner schools and education authorities for its work of assisting schools to implement general education.


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