Hangzhou in South China  

Hangzhou, a spectacular city, combines the old and the new elements in harmony. Marco Polo, an Italian traveler from the 13th century depicts in his travel notes that 'Hangzhou is the most beautiful and luxurious city in the world'. Today Hangzhou is home to Chinese tech giant Alibaba's global headquarters and numerous innovative start-ups. Hangzhou ranks among the top Chinese cities in terms of its strength in information industry. In 2019 Hangzhou's total GDP ranked 9th and disposable income per capital ranked 4th in China.

Our partner, Puru Education Technology (Hangzhou) Ltd. is a leading company in the field of business oriented adult education. It has strong background and connections in international trade, tourism, insurance, immigration and other industries.

Beijing in North China

As the capital city of China, Beijing is China’s centers for politics, business and economics, culture, education, and science and technology. Beijing has the most universities in China and houses the largest number of Fortune Global 500 companies in the world. Beijing’s total GDP and disposable income per capita both ranked second in China in 2019.


Our partner, Aida Finnish Education Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd, is a company focused on Finnish-style Environmental education, it has strong capability in social network marketing. The vast majority of its clients are high-net-worth clients with an international perspective. The core team members have more than 10 years of professional background and experience in the education field. The company has kept a long-term and smooth communication channel with education authorities.