Who we are

We are a group of friends with different professional backgrounds. But the common of us is that we all love and enjoy Nordic Culture. We are passionate about introducing Nordic, the magic land to the rest of the world, especially our motherland, China. 



What we do  


Unlike the East and the West, Northern Europe has its own unique cultural customs. Without understanding the uniqueness of Northern Europe, it will be difficult to unlock the mysterious treasures of Northern Europe. We observe Northern Europe from an Eastern perspective and help Easterners understand Northern Europe so that they can better travel, live, work and trade in Northern Europe. We not only provide standard courses, but also customize courses according to customer needs, and even provide one-on-one consulting services.


With whom we work


We are not alone. In Beijing and Hangzhou, we have major partners who focus on adult education in North and South China. In other East Asia Countries we are actively seeking new partners. You, might be the next right partner for us!

Contact us


A great career calls for participation from all walks of life. If you have business resource which can reach people who are interested in opportunities in Northern Europe, OR if you have great content about Northern Europe, you are warmly welcome to contact us by email: contact@puroedu.com or by WhatsApp :me.